Watch Realizing 5G Digital Ecosystem opportunities webinar, recorded on December 18, 2019

The path to growth and delivery of new profitable services in the connected enterprise market requires leveraging ecosystem operating models that enable open, trusted, zero-touch partnerships.

Watch this webinar to learn how TM Forum’s digital ecosystem program is accelerating our members' ability to monetize and win in the 5G economy. This is being achieved through open standards, accelerated co-innovation and incubation along with cross industry networking and commercial opportunities to accelerate business.

Joann O’Brien, VP of Digital Ecosystems at TM Forum and Andreas Manolis, Group Head of Strategy & Risk at BT outline the 4 pillars of the program:

  • Business Architecture: Business capability map, value stream mapping and ecosystem business architecture
  • IoT Management: IoT architectural stack for ease of management of IoT devices and services.
  • Ecosystem Management 5G Monetization: Business growth through new services, charging and billing in complex ecosystem contexts
  • Business Assurance: Managing financial integrity and customer-impacting risks in complex partnering and ecosystem contexts

We also hear a case study from the Skynet Catalyst team, who show how a diverse ecosystem of partners can seamlessly provide a set of end-to-end hybrid 5G-enabled remote healthcare and drone management services in a multi-operator orchestrated environment. Their use case includes epidemic management and support and highlights the business assurance, monetization and technical maturity aspects of next-gen 5G-enabled services.


Tiki Bar - Pagan Idol

Located in the heart of downtown San Francisco

Monday, April 24 2017

Doors open at 7pm; come early to ensure entry

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