Digital Twin for Decision Intelligence (DT4DI)

In this gathering of the Global Architecture Forum, we’ll explain how to upgrade decision-making and business processes using digital twin and AI.

Join us to learn

What are Decision Intelligence (DI) and DT4DI?

Find out about this emerging discipline, and how can it help organizations become knowledge-driven and results-oriented

Digital twin (DT) and AI as enablers

We'll look at how Digital Twins and AI can be used together to boost the effectiveness of business analysis, business processes, and decision-making

DT4DI Reference Architecture

Get an outline of the DT4DI Reference Architecture and its fundamental building blocks

DT4DI in action

Hear about the use cases and practical applications


Luca Franco Varvello

ICT Senior Advisor, DT4DI & AIOps Projects Chair

Simin Huang

Senior Manager, Strategy & Planning

Christian Maître

VP Smart Territories

Xin Jing

Head of Big Data Applications

China Mobile IT
Aaron Boasman-Patel

VP, AI, Data & Operations

TM Forum
Pedro Sousa


Liberty Latin America

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