Unlocking the value of digital transformation by measuring and managing autonomy

In this gathering of the Global Architecture Forum series Aaron Boasman-Patel, TM Forum is joined by the autonomous operations member project team. They share the details of their work on the topic of measuring and managing autonomy to unlock the value of digital transformation and explain how they have used it in their companies.

Join us to learn

Trends and insights

Driving automation and autonomy

The need

Unlocking tangible business value from capital and operational investments in autonomous operations initiatives.

The vision and framework

Defining a unified business motivation framework to measure and manage the “architecture to business continuum” (ABC) of autonomous operations strategic objectives for realizing the promise of business value of technology investments.

Where is the value?

Achieve real tangible and direct meanings to what makes sense by way of metrics and scores. Leverage an industry-agreed economic evaluation framework to help defend autonomous operations (AI-CLA, AN etc.) investment decisions.


Aaron Boasman-Patel

VP, AI, Data & Operations

TM Forum
Emmanuel A. Otchere

Chief Technical Expert & VP Standards & Industry

Huawei Technologies
Ali Emre Tiryaki

Senior Specialist

Türk Telekom
Amarjit Singh

Digital Channels - Security and Enterprise CIAM Design Authority

Vodafone Business
Pedro Sousa


Liberty Latin America
Pedro Sousa


Liberty Latin America

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