Türk Telekom launched new omnichannel and e-commerce platforms while driving a new digital culture. TM Forum frameworks helped guide the large-scale transformation which has reduced complexity, simplified interactions for customers and staff, and enabled Türk Telekom to offer the seamless experience customers expect.


Increase click-through rate by



Increase lead conversion rate to


from 11%

Increase total device sales by


*Projected for the end of 2022

Mobile domain serves

22 million+

customers & handles more than 7,000 new sales

İrfan Uğur

IT Group Director

“A brand new digital culture has been established across business divisions, allowing for all agents and customers to use one single application to follow transaction process steps, and let no time or effort be wasted on switching between applications, and with no risk of data loss. Both Türk Telekom and Etiya are aware of the importance of using TM Forum standards and frameworks, as this common language simplified communication and reduced misunderstandings during the developments.”

To improve customer experience, Türk Telekom needed to integrate the management of over 52 million individual mobile, broadband and fixed line customers. These consumers were previously serviced by separate companies, applications and processes, creating a fragmented experience.

The transformation became even more urgent as the pandemic accelerated the shift to online channels and a demand for self-service.

This required uniting the customer databases and processes of different business units, to ensure all information is managed and visible at one single point both for customers and service representatives. Processes and interfaces had to be harmonized and transaction continuity needed to be ensured across all channels for all users.

Within an omnichannel platform, Türk Telekom’s partner Etiya provided an end-to-end digital solution for product catalog management; configure, price, quote; and order management, along with omnichannel digital frontend, customer acquisition, and relationship management. The partners also launched a new e-commerce platform -- all within 15 months.

The platform frontend communicates with the backend through a complete set of APIs, including TM Forum’s Open APIs.

The solution means that customers get the same offers and the same service level whichever channel they use, which ensures a higher level of satisfaction and a lower number of unfinished processes and abandoned baskets.

All customer accounts and products are accessible on one single ‘Customer 360’ screen, where all transaction steps can also be tracked.

Türk Telekom has a customized offer management capability to apply discounts according to channel, customer, product, and volume. Dealer agents now have all data accessible from their device and customers have the ability to start an order with an agent and complete it later from their own account.

The platform is also notable technically, representing a first step into a microservices architecture. Microservices have been implemented for the most used functionalities and this will continue as new ones are added.

Türk Telekom can now offer quicker, more efficient and relevant solutions for more than 52 million customers and is seeing improved satisfaction and stronger customer loyalty.

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