Following mergers and acquisitions, T-Mobile Netherlands embarked on a major digital transformation project to merge three networks and IT stacks to achieve greater agility, operational stability, and a consistent customer experience.


Reduced product launch


Simplified product & price offerings by


Reduced average call handling time by


Faster realization


of revenue growth

“Thanks to our valuable partnership with Netcracker, we have been able to deploy their Digital BSS to drive our initiative for fixed-mobile convergence with a clear focus on service innovation and a superior customer experience. Netcracker’s support of Agile and DevOps methodologies gives T-Mobile Netherlands the ability to simplify complex business requirements and foster growth. We look forward to our continued journey with Netcracker to unlock the potential of BSS and provide customers with a rich and unique experience.”

Mark Vanhommerig
IT Director

T-Mobile Netherlands, the country’s largest mobile operator, merged with its competitor Tele2 in 2019. Previously, it had acquired Thuis from Vodafone. The mergers and acquisitions required a strategy to consolidate IT and network operations, which included the introduction of Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) capabilities across all networks, to bring the best experience to all customers.

Merging IT systems was a massive undertaking, especially in a competitive market, and included bringing both B2C and B2B lines of business together and bringing the fixed network to the same level of efficiency as the mobile network, while continuing to improve the quality of mobile services.

Merging networks and IT operations required close collaboration between T-Mobile and its partners, including Netcracker, which came into the transformation programme for a number of projects such as customer order management, order entry, product lifecycle management, product catalog and configure-price-quote (CPQ).

The foundation for the solution was Netcracker Cloud BSS, a SaaS-based, cloud-native solution. It comprises three cloud-based offerings – Marketing and Commerce Cloud, Sales and Customer Service Cloud and Revenue Management Cloud – which support end-to-end, lead-to-cash business processes for operators.

The solution is scalable to enable T-Mobile Netherlands to continue to innovate, and Netcracker’s solutions are developed in close adherence to TM Forum standards and guidelines, including Frameworx, the Open Digital Framework and Open Digital Architecture, and Open APIs.

T-Mobile Netherlands deployed Netcracker Cloud BSS on AWS to benefit from the flexibility of the public cloud. In addition, the operator used Netcracker DevOps Enablement, which improves business agility by leveraging DevOps best practices, tools, and processes to enable continuous solution delivery and seamless operations.

The deployment enabled a range of benefits, including product and price simplification – products from more than ten external catalogs were consolidated, and order processing was fully automated.

This is resulting in greater agility and better customer experience and has paved the way for T-Mobile Netherlands to move more crucial BSS functions to the public cloud.

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