As a systems integrator, Infosys is providing and managing IT operations for Belgium’s Telenet Group, a Liberty Global company that is the largest provider of cable broadband services in the country. Through a series of programs, the Telenet AMS (Application Maintenance Services) team has helped employees cope with the Covid-19 pandemic and is preparing them for automated, cloud-native operations.


Reskilling of


employees in cloud and related technologies

‘Shifting left’ of


of network incidents, leading to lower repair times



handled automatically

Employee programs have delivered

ROI of €65,000

in less than 1 year, and automation has led to €500,000 in OpEx savings over two years

Deployed 500 cloud native pods for core network and CPE capacity at


sites across four zones in India

Deployed 500 cloud native pods for core network and CPE capacity at


sites across four zones in India

Deployed 500 cloud native pods for core network and CPE capacity at


sites across four zones in India

Deployed 500 cloud native pods for core network and CPE capacity at


sites across four zones in India

Sushil Kumar

VP and Delivery Head, CMT

“Managing teams and keeping them motivated during these times of the Great Resignation is a challenge in itself. But through a series of learning and engagement initiatives, we have retrained and reskilled almost our entire staff to be cloud and digital ready.”

Infosys is leading a multi-year transformation of Telenet’s legacy operational and business support system (OSS/BSS) applications, with a goal of making more than 300 of them cloud native. This includes transitioning digital and non-digital applications from another vendor and implementing a new Automated Order Management System (ATOMS).

During the pandemic, Telenet AMS, like most teams, had to transition to work from home (WFH) to protect the health of employees, and today the team continues to use a hybrid working model. Adopting WFH was not easy for a support/operations team. To keep people connected, Telenet AMS implemented several employee programs such as:

  • A biweekly “connect” meeting via videoconference for a team of more than 100 people
  • Personal weekly calls between managers and support staff to help all employees feel engaged
  • Digital upskilling
  • Team hackathons

A cloud enablement program with partners such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure led to reskilling of more than 100 people in cloud and related technologies. Infosys uses a KPI called Digital Quotient (DQ) to measure the learning index of each employee, and the majority of the Telenet AMS team is in the 90+ percentile of the DQ pyramid at Infosys.

The team also participated in more than 30 industry hackathons and won with IBM, Mulesoft and GCP. The goals of the hackathons varied. The IBM Call for Code, for example, aimed to assist Covid diagnosis, while the GCP event was related to application modernization.

“Our teams got exposed to some high-profile industry events, which helped them understand the nuances of the technology and its penetration,” says Sameer Shetty, Program Manager, Infosys. “This helps us to drive focused and purposeful innovation for our clients too.”

The efforts are paying off. In addition to reskilling more than 100 employees, Telenet AMS’s employee programs achieved a return on investment (ROI) of about €65,000 ($66,000) in less than a year. And Telenet AMS has delivered OpEx savings of €500,000 ($510,000) through automation in two years.

The company has also “shifted left” 85% of incidents, which has lowered mean time to repair for customers. In software engineering, shifting left means moving testing to be earlier in the DevOps process, but more broadly it means eliminating silos across IT and moving processes, technology and people closer to the customer to improve customer experience.

In addition, the Telenet AMS team is focusing on diversity and inclusion. The majority of its staff (55%) is made up of women, which is a higher than average percentage. According to Deloitte, globally only about a third of tech company workforces are made up of women.

“Infosys teams were always the right mix of talent, creativity and diversity,” says Jacky Cuylen, Director IT, TIO Service Assurance at Telenet. “With the right mindset to learn and adapt, our AMS teams were always prepared to take up any challenges and always go the extra mile.”

Infosys has used the TM Forum Open APIs to develop its automation tools, which makes the company’s Automated Order Management Solution highly scalable with plug-and-play features. Through “democratization” of APIs, Infosys is able to reuse the same solution across other Liberty Global portfolios such as UPC Switzerland.

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