At the corporate HQ of one of Asia’s leading telecoms companies, Axiata Corporate Centre, the focus is on the group becoming a digital telco. As part of its Digitization Program, Axiata implemented robotic process automation (RPA) to eliminate manual, repetitive processes where possible with partner KGiSL. The group set a cautious target of automating six processes in six months, but the team beat its target, completing 13 processes in that time. Detailed analysis revealed that Axiata has many manual repetitive processes within the TM Forum-based Business Process Framework (eTOM) in the enterprise domain. They mostly relates to the internal audit findings for administration and user access reviews: Like other Malaysian organizations, Axiata Group must submit relevant reports to the government monthly. Manual processes meant the findings could be inaccurate and late.


Overall savings in first year

RM 100,000


Improvement in turn-around time


Hours of effort regained by staff from automation


per year

Reduction in errors


Low code/no code

Axiata Group chose UiPath RPA which is low code/no code, low-cost solution. With partner KGiSL, Axiata ran workshops with business units to identify other processes suitable for automation. During the RPA design and build phase, the team suggested areas for process improvement, rather than just automating manual tasks, and added more technology solutions, such as an event scheduler, to improve the robots’ efficiency.

The robots leverage machine learning, which is flexible and scalable to allow humans and machines to collaborate throughout the closed-loop phase. This aligns with TM Forum’s Autonomous Network from Concept and Framework to Practice guide.

The robots’ modular design means they can be deployed and scaled independently. The project team adopted DevOps practices to promote a collaborative culture among stakeholders, as well as to increase agility and reduce the time to deploy new capabilities in a stable, error-free environment, as per the Forum’s guidance.

TM Forum assets used

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