Telefónica Germany is committed to nationwide 5G coverage by 2025, and to lead the German telecoms market. Its strategy is to move towards autonomous networks (AN) to address key technology challenges, especially in network operations and management (O&M) where costs are rising. Massive 5G rollouts and deployment of other emerging technologies will increase OpEx, directly impacting the bottom line.




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Mallik Rao

Chief Technology & Information Officer

“Delivering excellent 5G coverage is one of Telefónica Germany’s top priorities and enabling autonomous network operations is a crucial step in this regard. With our AI-driven, predictive maintenance solution, that brings in predictability and closed-loop control, our network operations have gained remarkable autonomous functionality, leading to improvements in mean time to repair and network availability. Additionally, it optimizes the efficiency and speed of our own operations in the next few years.”

Field maintenance is a big component of those increased costs and reactive maintenance is expensive due to the stringent terms of service level agreements (SLAs). So as a first step towards AN, Telefónica Germany and Tech Mahindra implemented an AI-driven, cloud-based, predictive maintenance solution that uses a closed-loop mechanism. It can be used in multi-vendor and multi-domain environments.

It will gradually replace reactive maintenance operations with predictive operations, foreseeing and preventing problems to continuously enhance the network’s performance and availability.

The solution applies advanced correlation algorithms to structured and unstructured network data to predict potential network issues and trigger preventive actions. AI-assisted root cause analysis can pinpoint potential issues, down to a specific card or port on a network node, helping to predict failures that are beyond the capabilities of usual network monitoring systems.  

The solution analyses data sets like performance counters, topology, network configurations, customers’ complaints, and weather forecasts to continuously improve the accuracy of predictions.  

The solution is also integrated with Telefonica’s trouble ticket system for automatic ticket creation, supporting closed-loop network operations and enhancing operational efficiency.

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