Propelling 5G powered monetization in a partner ecosystem

The advent of 5G enables telecom companies to offer customized connectivity bandwidth for specific services or businesses. To capitalize on this, telcos are transitioning into techcos, employing flexible Business Support Systems (BSS) as a service to optimize their ecosystem and generate revenue through partnerships.

Watch the latest gathering of the Global Architecture Forum, as Ajith Lenin from Verizon and Sandeep Bohidar from Evergent present a roadmap of how monetization by telcos can be addressed in this changing scenario of partner-driven growth.

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Partner ecosystems

We will look at the typical partner ecosystem that CSPs have today and the limitations.

New opportunities

What new opportunities is 5G opening up, and how can the partner ecosystem evolve to take advantage of them?


Take a look at the TM Forum Open API assets that will help the industry in this transformation.


Get an insight into the Billing Hub Catalyst project which has developed a solution as an enabler for the evolving partner ecosystem.


Ajith Lenin

Associate Fellow - Enterprise Architecture

Sandeep Bohidar

Director Engineering Solutions

Joann O'Brien

VP, Digital Ecosystems

TM Forum
Ed Finegold

Contributing Analyst

TM Forum
Pedro Sousa


Liberty Latin America
Pedro Sousa


Liberty Latin America

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