Intent-driven autonomous networks

In this gathering of the Global Architecture Forum series, we discuss the practical implementations of autonomous networks and how to realize an intent-driven approach by standardizing the necessary interfaces and models to make it work.

The co-chairs of the Autonomous Networks member project provide an in-depth view on how real-world communications service provider (CSP) use cases can leverage the Stage 3 Autonomous Networks Intent work of TM Forum.

Join us to learn

Achievements to date

Get an overview of the Autonomous Networks member project and the assets published by the team.

Driving innovation and proofs-of-concept

Delve into the work of the award winning Catalyst team focused on Intent.

Concepts and categories

Find out about the TM Forum Intent Ontology.

What's next

Get an insight into the next stages of development for the Intent Ontology work.


Kevin McDonnell

Senior Director, Intelligent Automation

Jörg Niemöller

Expert of Analytics and Customer Experience

George Glass


TM Forum
Ed Finegold

Contributing Analyst

TM Forum
Pedro Sousa


Liberty Latin America
Pedro Sousa


Liberty Latin America

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