China Mobile built a 1+X privacy platform, which includes technology and algorithms from multiple manufacturers. This means it can be adapted to any participant at the algorithm level, widening its appeal to enterprises of all sizes. After two years in the market, the platform has three mature applications: epidemic prevention and control; financial risk control; and e-commerce marketing. Older epidemic prevention and control methods cannot locate people in close contact with the pandemic quickly enough to prevent it from spreading. In financial services, whether for the public sector or enterprises, financial institutions incur high costs in investigating creditworthiness and risk control. Business traffic is converging on the biggest e-commerce enterprise platforms. Small, medium and micro enterprises need to generate traffic but are limited by factors like legal supervision, their technology and data capabilities, and data silos.


Reduction in losses

CNY 20 million

by a financial services customer through risk control & precision marketing

Identification rate of those in close contact with the pandemic


and clears those fit to resume work


CNY 2.24 million

and saved customers CNY 620,000 in costs

For financial risk control


on average for a single anonymous enquiry at a bank


Deputy General Manager, Big Data Center

“China Mobile has built a 1+X privacy computing platform to connect thousands of industries, enabling trusted data sharing to promote digital economic and social development.”

China Mobile is exploring the application of its 1+X privacy platform in various business scenarios. It is leveraging its experience in developing a business around big data and establishing appropriate rules and regulations to create a multi-dimensional application ecosystem based on its privacy computing platform.

The platform includes technologies like secure intersection, anonymous query, dense state statistics, and federated learning to ensure data security and solve the issue of collaborative computing between ‘untrusted’ participants during joint enterprise modeling.

China Mobile has drawn on its participation in two TM Forum Catalyst proofs of concept to develop its privacy platform, which took place in 2020 and 2021. They are the award-winning Trusted Data-sharing for Smart Emergency Management (COVID-19) and Trusted Data Sharing for the Financial Industry respectively.

The first used TM Forum’s Information Framework for its data-sharing model, with the Application Framework, a component of the Open Digital Architecture, to support collaboration between stakeholders.

The second Catalyst drew on the Forum’s Big Data Analytics Solution suite to define a reference model, use cases, and the big data repository, plus best practices from Trust and Traceability in Digital Ecosystems and Privacy Management. China Mobile is contributing to new assets from its work on this Catalyst.

TM Forum assets used

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