A national carrier’s cultural transformation through investments in employee upskilling and expansion in the face of a pandemic and conflict. LITC adopted processes defined with TM Forum’s Business Process Framework and Lean Six Sigma principles, applied TM Forum Business Assurance assets and Curate FX tools, and benefitted from a talented, young team determined to build a bright future.


New alternative revenue streams projected to comprise


of LITC’s revenue by 2025

NPS increases to


and beyond

Revenue leakage recovery of


across the business

The Jio NMS is fault tolerant by design, so stays operational


of the time.

Adel Fares, LITC

Executive Chairman

"The change management approach, a focus on culture, and the use of TM Forum’s industry standards led to an unprecedented engagement from the extended team of the company which I’m grateful for amidst a pandemic, war and disruption."

Under new leadership, LITC aimed to reimagine its business and become the region’s most trusted digital business enabler. The company’s leaders aimed to undertake a major cultural transformation, to maximize employees’ talent, and to acquire critical new skills.

LITC partnered with Makman Consulting to embark first on a comprehensive cultural transformation program based on the philosophy that a business cannot scale or mature if it is not built on proper foundations. Proper foundations include elements like disciplined processes, business assurance controls, and proven methodologies for creating and controlling new revenue streams.

LITC and Makman took a two-pronged approach. The first focused on protecting the company’s bottom line by learning how to develop and implement superior revenue assurance practices. The second focused on learning how to create a digital services ecosystem and establish new, alternative revenue streams.

LITC and Makman used a tool called the The Game Changing Index (The GC Index) to identify the first 30% of LITC’s workforce that would be specially upskilled in the initial phases of the program. The GC Index provides part of the basis for the cultural transformation component of the TM Forum Digital Maturity Model (DMM) and helps to match employee proclivities, or energy for business impact, with needed new skillsets. All LITC’s employee groups received training in the Business Process Framework, Business Assurance principles and Lean Six Sigma to improve business process skills across the company.

Rounding out its cultural transformation, LITC will practice continuous improvement to ensure that teams continue implementing process definitions and business assurance controls across both legacy and new areas of the business. They will continuously monitor, optimize, expand, and improve business processes. A “set-it-and-forget-it approach” to business assurance is a thing of the past.

Perhaps the most important lesson learned in LITC’s transformation was the effectiveness of addressing culture first, then knowledge, then skills, so that teams are prepared in both change management and digital readiness to see the company’s new vision and business transformation through.

Employee skills training was provided across different areas including:

TM Forum certifications (both knowledge and career certifications)

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), training on various evolving technologies like containerized, open-source technologies

Improving employee product knowledge on various domains

TM Forum assets used

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