Despite the pandemic and a competitive, high-churn market, PT XL Axiata (XL) achieved revenue growth and became Indonesia’s top data provider thanks to its customer-centricity strategy: XL wanted to improve quality of service for end-users across human and online channels, including continuously reducing and minimizing customer complaints by preventing data issues before they are noticed or even occur. This meant faster detection of operational disruptions and finding a unique way to identify, prevent, resolve, and minimize their business impact on customers.
XL implemented Amdocs’ zero-touch operations solution to digitize and automate prepaid and postpaid operations and improve customer convenience amidst increasing operational and management complexity. The solution comprised Amdocs Operations Services (managed services) with AI/machine-learning-driven automation tools, including auto-ticket resolution, machine learning-driven anomaly detection, and raising pre-emptive alerts.
The automation tools are supported by a self-healing engine for applications, processes or elements that show unhealthy operational patterns. The engine regularly performs root-cause analysis and has a decision-mechanism component that calculates the effectiveness of each mitigation option and then chooses the one most likely to solve the problem.


Self-healing engine has 45 complete auto-resolution flows, enabling


service quality



in data revenue

Customer complaints
automatically resolved


and this is expected to rise

Drop in customer-complaint ticket


exceeding the target of 10%

Average resolution time for customer-complaint tickets



Number of Severity-1 or -2 incidents in 2021-2022


in charging, billing and ordering

Improvement on EBITDA


over the previous year and a drop in operational costs

Creation times for simple offers

50% faster

33% faster for more complex ones

Yessie D Yosetya

Director & Chief Strategic Transformation Officer

“Outstanding customer centricity and experience is much more than just providing advanced digital channels – XL Axiata’s mindset cuts across the organization all the way down to applications management, and AI-driven autonomous operations play a key role in this.”

XL wanted to identify and resolve operational problems before they impact customer experiences, so XL and Amdocs created a unique online business process-driven dashboard which relies on business, rather than operational, key performance indicators (KPIs). Supported by the self-healing engine, the dashboard aggregates inputs from operating systems and applications and translates them into KPIs in real time.

Monitoring business parameters’ KPIs allows XL to quickly understand the potential business impact of an operational problem on customers and revenues, and then resolve it, (whereas operational KPIs only identify issues after customers complain).

XL and Amdocs identified more than 20 critical business KPIs based on specific customer flows with service level agreements, and thanks to the self-healing engine which already performs 45 complete auto-resolution flows, XL continuously maintains an impressive service-quality level of 99.999% -100%.

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