Deep Dive into CFC and Matchmaking for Innovate Asia 2024

Curious about submitting a Catalyst project idea, joining a Catalyst team showcasing at Innovate Asia 2024, or intrigued by the Catalyst program?

Catalysts enable faster innovation, connecting the collective power of the brightest minds to co-create solutions that drive industry change through Open APIs, ODA, AI and automation.

Register for this informative session to find out all you need to know about the Innovate Asia 2024 Catalyst cycle.

Watch to learn

Types of Catalysts

Get an overview of the two exciting types of Catalyst projects, Open Innovation and Moonshot, running this year, and how they are driving innovation for the industry.

Driving innovation and proofs-of-concept

Hear about the projects that have been submitted to date, what topics they are addressing, and who is involved so far.

Get involved

Find out how you can be part of this vibrant program, at the center of the action at our flagship event, building your individual and company profile on a global scale.

What's next?

Get an insight into what to expect throughout the Catalyst cycle in the run-up to the event, the timelines, and the ways we promote the projects to our global audience.


Shengfan Hou

Senior Manager Innovation & Catalyst Success Manager

TM Forum
Graham Hughes

Catalyst Operations Co-ordinator

TM Forum
Hugues Bardin

Catalyst Success Manager & Director of Next20

TM Forum
Ashlee Kiel

Catalyst Success Manager

TM Forum
Ailis Claassen

Marketing Director, Labs

TM Forum
Pedro Sousa


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