May 8, 2024
08:00 GMT | 15:00 ICT (GMT+7) | 16:00 CST

Deep Dive into the Call for Catalysts for Innovate Asia 2024

The Call for Catalysts submissions for Innovate Asia 2024 is now open, inviting the brightest minds and most influential industry figures to submit their game-changing Catalyst project ideas, for a chance to showcase their solutions at Innovate Asia 2024.

Catalysts enable faster innovation, connecting the collective power of the brightest minds to co-create solutions that drive industry change through AI and automation.

Register for this session to find out all about the submissions process and overall cycle of the Innovate Asia 2024 Catalyst program.

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Understanding the Catalyst program

Understand the Catalyst submission process, how to build your team, what to expect throughout the cycle, and pick up some key best practices for projects.

Types of Catalysts

Get an overview of the two types of Catalyst projects running this cycle – Open Innovation and AI Moonshot Challenge – to drive innovation for the industry.


We are here to answer all your questions about anything to do with the submission process, the Catalyst program, what to expect, building your team and anything else that puzzles you.

Meet the team

Meet the Catalyst Success Managers who are there to support you and your team throughout the Catalyst cycle as you work towards showcasing at Innovate Asia 2024.


Mahima Khurana

Head of Catalysts

TM Forum
Jessica J. Rausch

Catalyst Program Manager

TM Forum
Shengfan Hou

Senior Manager Innovation & Catalyst Success Manager

TM Forum
Alex Bruce

Catalyst Success Manager

TM Forum
Ailis Claassen

Marketing Director, Labs

TM Forum
Pedro Sousa


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