Across the globe, our Members are buying and selling wholesale broadband. In this project, we aim to harmonize the solution and simplify the provision and management of these services, standardizing the data models and APIs associated with the provision of fiber-based broadband access. The successful execution of this project will help expand the scope to other wholesale network interconnection scenarios.

The project has already onboarded many valued Members. The purpose of the workshop is to accelerate the production of our initial process against the agreed principles, in order to plan a pipeline of opportunity to develop solutions to the above challenge. Business Conceptual Data Models and DCS Tooling are the focus of this workshop.

The following high-level business-scenarios must be supported:
rounded_bullet_red.png Address / site validation
rounded_bullet_red.png Pre-arrangement (move of end customer from one provider to another)
rounded_bullet_red.png Qualification
rounded_bullet_red.png New provisioning
rounded_bullet_red.png Billing
rounded_bullet_red.png Quoting
rounded_bullet_red.png Product Change
rounded_bullet_red.png Problem management
rounded_bullet_red.png Service Testing

For each API in the current scope we will:
rounded_bullet_red.png Propose API improvements and revisions
rounded_bullet_red.png Current samples of payloads used by members (may be in either XML or JSON format)
rounded_bullet_red.png Revise Open API Specification

Typical APIs needed to provision Broadband:
rounded_bullet_red.png Address matching
  • TMF673 Geographic Address Management
rounded_bullet_red.png Qualification
  • TMF679 Product/Offer Qualification
  • TMF645 Service Qualification
  • TMF761 Resource Qualification
  • TMF714 Work Qualification
rounded_bullet_red.png Appointment services
  • TMF646 Appointment Management
rounded_bullet_red.png Service Assurance
  • TMF653 Service Test Management
  • TMF621 Trouble Ticket
  • TMF656 Service Problem
rounded_bullet_red.png Ordering
  • TMF622 Product Order Management
  • TMF641 Service Ordering Management
  • TMF652 Resource Order Management
  • TMF697 Work Order Management
rounded_bullet_red.png Catalogue & Inventory
  • TMF620 Product Catalog
  • TMF637 Product Inventory Management
  • TMF633 Service Catalogue
  • TMF638 Service Inventory Management
  • TMF634 Resource Catalogue
  • TMF 639 Resource Inventory Management

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Places are very limited.
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Tiki Bar - Pagan Idol

Located in the heart of downtown San Francisco

Monday, April 24 2017

Doors open at 7pm; come early to ensure entry

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